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Walsh, Brule & Nault are some of the most experienced Elder Law and Medicaid attorneys in Rhode Island

In recent years, an ever-growing number of people have been faced with the prospect of one or more family members entering a nursing home, spending their entire savings and sometimes selling their home to pay for their care. There is public assistance available to pay for nursing home expenses that exceed a person’s income in the form of the program commonly known as Medicaid.

However, stories abound about people spending almost everything on nursing home expenses before qualifying for Medicaid. In fact, most people who come to us are sure that nothing can be done to avoid spending everything. Fortunately, this urban legend is nowhere close to the truth, as there are many actions that people can take to save assets with the proper advice from one of our attorneys.

Walsh, Brule & Nault has been a leader in elder law for many years through the use of innovative techniques that are custom-tailored to each client’s situation. Our attorneys have represented many individuals and advised them on how to structure estates and assets to maximize the amount of wealth they will transfer to their loved ones, before or even after entering a nursing home.

We also represent many people who come to us about their parents, and who feel lost or intimidated by the complicated process of applying for Medicaid or dealing with nursing homes. As experienced elder law attorneys, we take great pride in walking our client, step by step, through every stage of the Medicaid application process. Our expertise in elder law often results in saving homes from loss, reducing nursing home expenses, and assuring our clients save a significant portion of their cash and assets.

If you, or anyone you know, are paying a nursing home or might have to pay in the future, call us at (401) 334-4545 or fill out our contact form. Your initial consultation is free.