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People often try to make sure their estates avoid probate after they pass away. One of the biggest reasons for this is that they say probate cases take too long. While there is time involved, if clients and attorneys work together, there is no reason why these cases cannot be completed in a reasonable time.

Let the attorneys at Walsh, Brule & Nault assist you in that process by taking care of any potential probate matters. We have represented hundreds of estates, executors and beneficiaries in this process and we have even advised heirs regarding contesting the validity of a will.

While many people associate probate proceedings with someone’s death, Probate Courts also handle many other things, including the affairs of someone who is alive. For example, people wishing to change their name and those who need someone appointed to manage their financial or health care affairs, may need to go to Probate Court. Whether you need access to a loved one’s bank accounts to pay bills or support the family, or you need to sell assets, including a house, Walsh, Brule & Nault can help you get quick results in your time of need.

Our wide range of legal expertise can solve most legal problems, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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